TransVue HDMI 4K2K Scaler

Upscale and downscale HDMI 4K60 and 1080p

  • Upscales HDMI 1080p to 4K2K or downscales HDMI 4K2K to 1080p
  • Easily integrate 4K2K video into an HDMI system design or integrate 1080p into a 4K2K system design
  • Output an UltraHD HDMI source on a standard TV/monitor or an HDMI 1080p source on a 4K2K TV/flat panel display
  • Splits the HDMI video input across two output ports, one scaled and the other unscaled
  • Utilizes a bypass switch to assign the video input for either video upscaling or video downscaling
  • Features HDCP and CEC support
  • Indicator LED’s show the input signal as either 4K2K or 1080p
  • Easy to install and use, just connect power supply (included) and HDMI cables
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